Gail Accurso - testimonials accident cosmetic dental miamiA Car Accident Loosened my Teeth and I had to get Them Replaced

Dr. Mongalo made me smile again. The dental implants are identical to my natural teeth. When I went to my high school reunion, I could talk and laugh without a care. My teeth looked so good, people swore I had a plate. And that I wasn’t admitting to it.

Thank you, Dr. Mongalo.

I couldn’t be happier.

Gail Accurso

LydiaGroves - testimonials cosmetic dental miamiA Rare Tumor in my Lower Jaw Left me Without Teeth

Numerous surgeries to remove a rare tumor in my lower jaw left me without teeth for nearly ten years. I knew at the age of nineteen I would have to undergo dental implant surgery. The thought of finally repairing an emotionally and physically difficult time in my life overwhelmed me.

After being referred to Dr. Mongalo by surgeons at The University of Miami, I made the decision to receive the Teeth in a Hour dental implant procedure. The surgery went extremely well and the recovery time was minimal with little pain or discomfort.

My self-esteem, speech, and appearance have improved tremendously and will remain with me for the rest of my life and that is TRULY priceless.

Forever Grateful,
Lydia Groves