Dental Implants Education

Introduces its new series of Live courses in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Every participant will place 10 to 15 dental implants on patients.

Register early space is limited to 12 attending Doctors!

At Live Implants Seminars we have realized that the REAL learning experience takes place when Doctors work on patients in a control environment.

dental implants puerto vallarta work on patients mexico

Every participant will place 10-15 implants on patients under direct supervision of board certified maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and prosthodontics. This method of training was created by Dr Mongalo to fill the void left by theoretical courses. By filling this voids you will be able to integrate implant dentistry into your practice with total confidence and will enjoy economical growth.

Comparative table between Theoretical vs Live courses

table-teorical-vs-patients dental implants