Smile Makeover

Unleash the Power of a Dazzling New Smile

Dr. Mongalo is the premier Miami smile makeover dentist.

Are your teeth broken, crooked or have unsightly gaps? Are they discolored, worn or irregularly shaped? Or maybe your gum line is unusual?

Get your Confidence Back

In as little as two visits, Dr, Mongalo can repair chips, fill in spaces, camouflage imperfections, reshape your gum line or fix your bite.

At his office in Miami, porcelain veneers,tooth bonding and dental implants are just some of the cosmetic dental procedures he can use to create a beautiful smile.

Painless, Fast, and Surprisingly Affordable

Most are simple: What once would have required months of dental work,
Dr. Mongalo can often create in a day or two.

Complete Harmony with the rest of Your Face

Details such as your face shape, tooth size and tooth color are carefully considered. Even surface texture and lustre are precisely matched. The goal: ensure your smile looks completely natural.

And with his combination of digital photography and 3-D imaging, you can see the results of your smile makeover before the procedure even begins.

A smile makeover isn’t just about straight white teeth and healthy gums, it involves careful consideration of how you speak and chew. When you receive a new smile, it works in complete harmony with the rest of your face.

With a smile makeover from Dr. Mongalo, you’ll walk out with a smile that complements your features.

Change Your Life! Unleash the power of a dazzling smile.

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